Crossfire vs Crossfire Pro accuracy

Ok I can afford either the Crossfire or the Crossfire Pro. I only need to cut some holes in an already cut 8" x 8" 16 gauge metal. On the comparison chart they show the accuracy the same for both tables. But the pro does have the the rails on both sides so it might be more accurate? The CrossFire XL Kit is big enough for what I am doing.

I would assume you will never know if there is any difference between them when you apply the variable of being a plasma. They are very accurate but plasma will only be so accurate.


What are your tolerance requirements?

I am just cutting holes to install some switches. Like you might see in an electrical panel.

This guy is doing what I need to do. Mine is just a lot smaller.
Crossfire PRO - Cutting HMI Panels - FineCut - Hypertherm 85 in 4K - YouTube

Whatever table you decide I would definitely get the torch height control. That 16 ga cut into 8’ squares will warp during cutting.


I have the xl and wish I had gotten the next size up. it’s fine for what I do but a little larger table would have been worth the extra grand. But I did not know I was going in the direction I am going until I got the table and was worried about size. I would not get anything smaller than the XL. I a year I will reexamine and maybe move up. But again, if i move up it mean the old tool already paid for itself many times over. if you have the room I would go larger and would not even think about getting one without THC. I would not have the patience to use it without that feature.