Crossfire table speed issue

I have an issue in crossfire showing my program speed setting is missing? I have my speed setting in sheetcam set as best I can tell.

Sounds like you didn’t set up your operation before you post process. Can you give steps you took in sheetcam? You can also open the tap file in notebook and copy and paste here for us to look at.

yes I think I have the tool setup I went through the tool setup but not 100 percent it won’t let me upload due to being a new user of the forum? any other way I could send you the file?

The tool setup is only one step of the process. You have to create a jet cutting operation and then that tool gets selected to use for the operation.

After your tool(s) are created, the steps are as follows.

1- import your drawing file(DXF or SVG)
2- Create a Jet Cutting operation, which includes selecting the tool that you want to use and the layer of your drawing.
3- Post process

If you’re getting the “no program speed” error, you probably missed step 2.

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Awesome I tried that and it seemed to work that time any tips for cutting .250 aluminum getting a lot of slag and angles on the cuts.

You can find many posts on cutting aluminum if you search with the magnifying glass in the top right of this screen.

Here is recent post on aluminum…

That’s tricky.

okay awesome thank you guys I will give these a try as well as see what I can search about the thicker aluminum cutting on the forum. I will pickup some tip jelly and try that as well.