Crossfire table in Sydney Australia

So im from sydney australia and have just ordered a crossfire plasma table with the XL kit. Have been wanting to buy a table for a long time but they all seemed out of reach, that was until i stumbled across the langmuir site. Even after converting from USD to AUD its still less than half the price of any table you can buy here!! anyhow i just wanted to share my excitment and cannot wait to get it all setup and starting making parts. If there is anyone else in aus who has one of these tables i would love to hear from you.

Hi lizardfab,
Great to have more Aussies on the bandwagon.
I’m over in South Australia just south of Adelaide.

What plasma are you planning on running with the table?


Hey mate, i have ordered the one Langmuir recommend, will just rewire it for 220v.
What do you run?

G’day lizardfab.
I’m like most envious Aussies and looking to import a Crossfire. Since you ordered yours back in August, I assume you have it up and running. I was hoping to have a chat about your experience with Longmuir, all up cost, (including Gov fees, GST etc), shipping, setup, software and performance. Cheers, Ron. 0438096939