Crossfire review after several months

Hi, so I’ve have my Crossfire up and running for a bit now (approaching 1 hour torch time) and I feel like I know enough about it to share my impressions.

When I ordered it they had a 5 week lead time, but the table, and water table arrived in a little over 3 weeks, with the torch came less then a week later. good job there!!!

I did have one omission, the torch cable hanger, and my Y-axis lead screw was bent. While it did cause me a delay in assembly, Langmuir made it right quickly.

Assembly is mostly straight forward, though the instructions could be better. Even though I read the entire manual prior to starting, I found myself having to search forward in the instructions a couple times to figure out how to orient things. Labeling the different structural pieces would be super helpful too. Otherwise there are really no difficult skills or special tools needed to assemble the unit.

The Langmuir tutorials for setting up the ones and zeros was a real challenge. The instructions for working with Fusion 360 weren’t very helpful for me, and the steps provided to get Fusion to speak the Crossfire’s language flat DID NOT WORK! I easily spent as much time figuring that one step out as I did assembling the entire table. It was super frustrating.

The only upgrade I made during assembly was to add an extra bolt to the tool holder, just hanging it there by one bolt is no good, it’s just a matter of time until that becomes loose. Tool holder is also poorly designed and the small shim falls though it sometimes.

There are a lot of complaints about the lead screws coming loose on these machines, and with good reason, not a great design. So far I haven’t had an issue, and don’t expect to, for two reasons. First I made sure that the set screws went down inside the the thread of the lead screws instead of on the tops. Second, I always check all of the lead screw fasteners before every cutting session.

The X-axis stepper motor cable/connector is another common problem on this machine which is no surprise. The cord just dangles off the motor and flops around as the gantry moves back and forth in the Y-axis. This is at the top of the list of things I plan to fix.

Having gotten past all of that, cutting with the machine is actually pretty easy. The FireControl Software is easy to use and has some tools to help with scaling, rotating, and running multiple copies. Got to give them a good job here.

The torch manufacturer doesn’t offer any guidance on power settings and feed rates for different materials, and the information I’ve found online is minimal. I did make a little test coupon that’s about an inch square that I use to test before running a piece. Keeping the dross/slag to a minimum is essential to minimize cleanup time.

So after all that, you might thing I am going to hammer these guys, but nothing could be further from the truth, I love this little machine. All of it’s short comings can be fixed by anyone resourceful enough to get this thing up and running. But here’s my gripe Langmuir, I would rather spend that time making things I want to make!

I give Langmuir a solid 4 out of 5 :star: and this could be a superb machine with a few refinements. This is a very capable tool, and given an opportunity to go back and make this decision over again knowing what I know now…I would buy it in a heart beat.


decent review.
what I love about this machine is the fact you can modify it as you please without affecting the performance and integrity of it.
you learn a lot from the build…think of it…do you learn about your house or car by just buying it…nope…you learn a lot by building a house or restoring a car…then you know how things work and where the problems could be…if and when things go wrong.
the learning experience in building the machine helped me more than just buying a machine.

sure there are some refinements that could happen…but those are found mostly on the XR.

there will always be some people who give this a less than stellar review…but I expect those people are never satisfied …

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