Crossfire Razorweld 45 stops firing on start

I am having the same issues with the torch firing at the start of the Mach3 run then the torch shuts off and only air keeps blowing out. The air never turns off and the torch never re-arcs even though the programs still moves. The plasma cutter works perfect in manual mode, starts and stops, air turns off after a few seconds like it should. I think it could be the crossfire control box hardware or Mach3 software or shielding near the T-tap wires causing interference. When the arc shuts off and the air stays on, I hit stop and reset on Mach 3, air still stays on. I have to hit the 2T/4T button on the plasma cutter to get the air to turn off. I turn the plasma back on and the torch fires instantly. Still does this even if I unplug the firing cable from the control box, I can reset everything and as soon as i plud the firing cable in the torch fires instantly.

I think Lanmuir is confirming that it was a bad batch of relays. Anyone replaced the relay, results?

Hi Bamasteve,

Please send an email to support. You have one of the defective relays. We’ll get the new and upgraded one sent out to ASAP.

just did, also is the electrode supposed to be touching the nozzle? Seems like there is a few mm gap between the bottom of the electrode and the air mixer, seems to compress when you tighten the retainer down, Just making sure my electrode is not too long and it is supposed to depress.

Yes that is normal. The electrode is meant to be sprung loaded against the inside face of the nozzle.

Is the relay issue because it is not operating like the safety trigger switch is open? Wondering how the mach3 fires when the safety switch is closed on the torch trigger.

Also another general recommendation, The gantry mounting brackets shorten how big a cut this machine makes, I notched out about 1.5" on each side of the black square brackets and redrilled some holes, now I can get a much larger cut.

The new wiring harness with relay fixed the problem, noticeable difference in the new relay size. So far so good!

I am having the same issue. I am talking to support and have sent them a video of some of the issues I am having. Was the relay a loose part they sent you and had you install or did they send you a new control box? Your issues are the same issues I’m having.