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My Crossfire is a few months old, a gen2 I believe its called. I downloaded the fire control program as well as the autodesk program. I originally set it all up on my old laptop which had windows 7. I did the manual install and after I figured that out I was able to control and fire my machine. I then added autodesk to design but was unable to upload from autodesk to the firecontrol program. Originally i thought it was because I had windows 7. I bought a new laptop with windows 10 and downloaded everything and tried again but with no success. The firecontrol program I have now says its V21.1.2 which are different numbers than the last program from windows 7 download. Do I have the right program downloaded to be compatible with fusion 360 and crossfire gen2 machine? What am I missing, PLEASE HELP!!!

Firecontrol 21.1.2 is the latest version of the program and works with the v1.6 version of the Langmuir Post Processor for Fusion, which is the same post processor that was used with Firecontrol 20.6.

How are you trying to go from Fusion to Firecontrol? You cannot just upload a DXF file to Firecontrol. It has to be post processed into a .nc file. The instructions on how to install the Fusion post processor can be found here CAD/CAM with Fusion360 | Langmuir Systems


I updated my fire control, now when I start cutting the machine stops , and won’t respond . It says it’s running but doesn’t move . Any else have this happen ?

I have a wallered out USB port and if it moves at all during the operation it will freeze just like that.

I imagine a restart will fix your problem though.

I have a new cable and new computer. I downloaded the update yesterday, problem started first cut today

which cutter do you have and how close is it to the control box?

I have a hypertherm 45 , it sets on a rolling cart about 2 feet away from control box.
I downloaded the update and installed it again, going to try again tomorrow morning . I’ll try moving the cutter a little further away also.

yah i’d move it farther. you’re getting interference somehow and it goes thru the usb cord and hangs up firecontrol. are you using the original usb cable?

I on the USB cable. I bought a 25 foot cable so I could set the computer on my work bench

Please try updating to the latest FireControl on your old computer and using the provided USB cable.

25ft cables, while nice, often have too much of a voltage drop to power the electronics properly.

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My 45xp is right next to the control box and I don’t have any interference issues, also used a really long usb cable for quite a while before getting my mini pc. Only thing I noticed reliably, was if the work clamp and the usb cable ran side by side or were touching for any length, it was a guaranteed freeze.

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i can have my cut60 next to my controller as well and it works fine but for others it doesn’t. I always suggest to keep the cutter and control box as far apart as possible to avoid any problems.

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