Crossfire pro with thc and limit switches

I have a computer with amd processor, and the newest fire control will not work I have seen the forum page about this, and I understand it is Microsoft’s problem not fire control I have downloaded the fire control 21.1.5-compatability and it opens and doesn’t throw a code. I am wondering before I buy a table from you if that version of fire control will work until the problem is fixed if not then I will take this laptop back and get one with the processor that does not end with a U. I will be getting the Crossfire pro with THC and the limit switch kit and I want to know if the older version will run both of them.

Hey Cameron,

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I replied to your email this morning, not sure if it’s made it to your inbox yet.

The compatibility version of FireControl v21.1.5 is not an older version; it is a variant of the current version for computers that have weaker graphics hardware. So long as you are using a version above 21, it will be compatible with both THC and Limit Switches.

FireControl v20.6.2–an older build that is available on our Downloads Page–is compatible with THC, but not Limit Switches.

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I appreciate it I haven’t checked my email yet I didn’t expect a response that quick.