Crossfire pro with THC and everlast 62i

Have a new crossfire pro with THC and new everlast 62i. It wont do anything voltages in the fire control THC section . You press start and the torch goes up and takes off wherever it wants to with out actually firing up. Can only get the torch to fire manualy.Sorry , im so fed up i could scream.

Post some pics of your wiring and what not. There’s probably a ton of stuff that could be going on. Be patient, it will be worth it.

does it work without using the THC? you mean the torch will fire manually through the software or by pressing the trigger only? is the torch at least following the right tool path?

doesnt work without THC either. Am using a machine torch.

what about the tool path? if you hit start does the torch at least follow the right path? are you doing the cam side right? what are you using for cam?

Got it ,noob here.Plugged in wrong at the THC controller box.Works good now but the machine torch just quits sometimes for no real apparent reason.

I had a similar problem and I had to loosen the shield a little and make sure the electrode could move a little. I also had the machine torch mount too tight around the PTM-60 machine torch I have,

Is this everlast 62 I really compatible with the langmuir crossfire system? anymore issues aside from the drivers?

I have the 62i…I have been cutting for almost 9 months with it…
as long as you take the voltage for the “divided voltage” right from the main contacts and not from the output on the back…

Toolbox, it appears you have quite a bit of experience with the Everlast units. I have a quick question. I just got my pro assembled with my Everlast 82I with CNC package. I know everyone says not to use the pins on the back but have seen a few people have success with them so I figured I would give it a try. On running the torch height control test for the first time it did pass although it said that it was on the high side at 252 V. Would you still recommend tapping into the Rall voltage inside the unit?

If your using pins 5 and 7 RAW it is to high. You may want to try pins 4 and 6 50 to 1 and see if its closer to 100 volts.

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toolboy…toolboy…toolbox is my cousin…ahahahahah

mechanic416 is right…you should be closer to 100v…

I have always had the feeling that going through a whole bunch of electronics to get something that can achieved with 2 simple wires…there is less chance of errors…