Crossfire Pro with Razorweld 45 settings question

New user - doing pretty good - have done a few cuts but am seeing more dross that I think I should. Im cutting mostly 16ga, and are using the Post Processor settings in the on line tutorial. Cutting around 70 IPM at 40 amps.
My question is what settings should I be using in the post processor for pierce height, cut height and pierce delay. I am using Cut height of .063, Pierce height of .015 and pierce delay of .5

I notice my air pressure stays pretty constant at 70 psi, but am wondering how that can be changed.


All of your settings look fine except the cutting speed. At 40 amps, you should be at least double that speed or more. You should try around 180 to 200 IPM.


I cut 14ga @ 120 ipm. Did you mean .150 pierce height ?


I’ve tried increasing the speed. I’ve gone up to 150 IPM on some cuts and seen no difference in cut quality. I am using the THC.

Sorry - Pierce height is .15

Here’s what I am getting

i cut 16 gauge at 28 amps and 121 ipm. seems like your speed is super slow for such high amperage.

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What is it your not happy with?
That the top or bottom?

That doesn’t look awful for 16ga. I’ve never achieved “dross free” cuts on 16 ga

Thanks - it is not too bad, but I was just hoping I could get it a little better. I will try a higher cut speed