CrossFire Pro - USB not recognized

Hello. Hoping somebody can help. I am trying to hook up everything to my computer for the CrossFire Pro and I got it built and all. I have downloaded FireControl onto my laptop and when I plug the USB cord to my computer it’s not recognizing it on my computer. I do have power to the box. I can hear buzzing. And it does bing when i plug it into the computer. It has found the machine but not the height control. When I look at my Device manager it shows unknown device and doesn’t allow me to update it.
I am hooking it up to a HP laptop and I even tried hooking it up to my other computer which is MacBook Air
Suggestions on what else to look at? Appreciate it!

I do have a pic of what it’s showing me

so only the THC isn’t recognized or crossfire as well? can you jog the axis’s on the table?

If it’s just the THC that is not recognized, you need to manually install the driver from the downloads page. I know the instructions say that it will load automatically, but it usually doesn’t.

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When I initially hooked up my control box (off machine) to my windows 10 laptop, it worked well and was able to drive the stepper motors. Once I assembled my table and installed the THC module, I also had significant communications problems. I went into the device manager and looked at the USB ports. There were two listed for the Crossfire Pro, one for the board and one for the THC module. Although neither port indicated an error, I un-installed them both. When I unplugged the control box and then plugged it back in, the drivers automatically re-installed and communications worked fine. The next time I tried connecting the laptop to the control box, it likewise failed to communicate. I repeated the de-install, unplug, re-plug and re-install and everything worked. I had to do this process three or four times but now whenever I connect the control box to the laptop, it connects up fine and has no issues.

Why I had to un-install and re-install the drivers four times (or so), I have no idea but it is working well for me now.

Hope this helps you.

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