Crossfire Pro THC on HyperTherm 600

I have an older plasma, a HyperTherm 600 (love this machine). I am trying to figure out where to actually tap the raw voltage for the THC. I think from an answer in one of the FaceBook forums that I would tap the ground and the main lead to the torch. I think that the main torch lead is Pin 1 since that is largest wire and the red one and then ground is easy to identify. Is that correct on where to draw raw voltage from? Thanks in advance.


Download, rename to .pdf (remove the .tap at the end).
600 raw voltage connection pdf.pdf.tap (311.1 KB)

From the document:

the terminal with the work ground lead attached is your positive Raw voltage. The
terminal on the opposite end of the terminal board is your Negative raw voltage connection (this goes to the electrode in the torch if you want to trace it with a meter). The center terminal is the nozzle torch connection…not used for Raw voltage

On Edit - I have the same machine, with the retrofit Duramax torch. But I haven’t got my table yet.

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You are the man fine sir!!! That is super helpful. Just what I needed to know!! Many thanks!!