Crossfire pro startup issue

I recently purchased my first crossfire pro and just completed the installation/setup but still trying to get up and going. Have gone through the steps of creating a design, gcode, and running in fire control. Everything seems to transfer over pretty well. My issue results in the actual cutting. The THC will be cutting about 1/8” above surface while the program settings are .06”. Can also measure 16-20 volts from frame to control box while cutting. 0 volts when idle. Wondering if that is the cause but lost on where it could be coming from. Have already isolated control box from frame but same results.

What program are you using to post process?

I’m using Fusion 360.

Redo your program and when you are creating you tool hover over the tool offsets for a bit and read the pop up boxes. It will tell you where you made your mistake. I really don’t like how you create your tools in Fusion and they have made it way more complex than it needs to be in their libraries. Autocad has always done this.