Crossfire pro Scribe Offsets use Fire Control

I am picking up a “used” new crossfire pro, I went and checked out today, everything appeared to be new. we even played around with the software. I plan to be using a Scribe for some art type projects. I could not fine away to offset the tooling. I would like to offset my cut/scribe lines every .5-1mm or close as I can to that resulting in a “larger” scribe line totaling 5 passes right next to each other.

Does anyone have any experience on how I would go about doing that? any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

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I plan to be using a Scribe for some art type projects. I could not fine away to offset the tooling.
What do you use to make your artwork? Inkscape has a useful offset feature that will take a closed vector and duplicate it inward or outward a fixed distance. You could create the offsets on a separate layer so you could still cut using the original vectors.

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Yeah I have Inkscape, light burn and F360. I thought maybe crossfire would have a control on the main screen. But good to hear I can do it in Inkscape.

Oh, you could do it in Lightburn too! Their offset tool is even easier I think. You can import an SVG or DXF and then export an SVG. I don’t remember if you can export a DXF from Lightburn, I’ve never done that.

I didn’t know light burn worked Langmuir? Or are talking about design with lightburn save it as svg then pull it into F360 rework it then save as .NC then up load to crossfire? Seems like there has to be a better way?

Yes, that’s what I’m suggesting.

The most straightforward would be to use SheetCam. Import the SVG into SheetCam and that would create a cut file. You could easily modify the FireControl Post Processor to a new one to give you what you need for the scriber.

Dumb question: is sheet cam part of fusion360?
I’m a bit new at this :joy:

Nope, SheetCam is a totally independent program that is ONLY a CAM tool, but it’s pretty universal and is easy to use. It’s what I use for plasma cutting even if I was designing in Fusion. I’m sure this is sacrilege to @TinWhisperer , but, he’ll have to get over it.

There is a minor discount if you buy SheetCam through Langmuir.

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The loss of the parametric connection between the CAD and the CAM portions is a deal-breaker for me. That’s why I like to do everything with inside the fusion 360 ecosystem.

But there’s no doubt that sheetCAM is a very user friendly and universal plasma CAM software.

If you’re doing design in other tools, then it’s lost anyway, unless you force an unnatural act and try to do everything in Fusion. The advantage of SheetCam is that the tools and operations are the same no matter what CAD/Art tool you use.

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This is exactly what I do.

Besides for the few design elements I need like some svgs or some bitmap Trace to paths which I use, Fusion is what I use.

You can also use any SVG or DXF in fusion 360 as well. But it can be more cumbersome than sheetCAM ,mostly because Fusion wants to solve all the math of your sketch and sheetCAM doesn’t care about that.