Crossfire pro, Primeweld 60 thc problems

Help please. Can some one tell me what I am doing wrong?Uploading: AD41715A-71C9-4FCA-9C59-9F4EDE1F237B.jpeg… Uploading: 353E3349-D6E9-4C8F-8FF8-A055565AFBCF.jpeg…

your pics aren’t coming thru. what problems are you having?

Well the cut 60 has been removed from the comparability list for ground interference. So start there. There is plenty of documentation on it.

I believe one of the solutions is to use raw voltage from the lugs. But research that first, don’t go tear open your machine.

Can’t see the pics either. I have a primeweld 60, purchased a few months ago and have had many interference issues.

My first port of call was a USB isolator, didn’t solve the issue alone. 2nd port of call was moving the plasma far away from the table as possible. I was then able to cut and THC was seeing voltage but the PC kept freeing and in fire control I was loosing the THC module. 3rd port of call was separating the plasma cable from the Z axis cables that run up the arm and down to the torch.

Now I’m able to cut all day long with no problems.

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+1 to that!