Crossfire Pro, plasma 45 INDIANA

Crossfire Pro, THC, upgraded z-axis, plasma 45 with machine torch and hand torch, three chamber air dryer/filter, computer mount, computer, software (licensed). Bought from a friend needing cash. I don’t need it either. It does work, I’ve used it and cut three pieces (Harley signs). $4500 cash. Pickup is just west of Indianapolis indiana. You can try it before you take it. It’s hooked up and ready to run. Bring a trailer or full size pickup to take it home.

How old is it and what shape is it in?

I bought it in May. I’ve only used it to cut a few signs for family members. Thought I was going to use it much more than I have, but now it’s just in the way at my shop. It’s in really good shape, obviously not brand new because I’ve cut on it, but it’s clean And ready to go. I’m out of town until Tuesday, but I can get more pictures then.

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