Crossfire Pro Motors are not working(Solved - bad power supply)

Have no power to any of the stepper motors. Cannot move them in Fire control. Torch will not fire as well.
Possibly a bad board? All connections are good and solid, all relays etc, seated. Have had this for a year or two and just put together. Crossfire OG I have had no issues at all.

sounds like a power supply issues. check the 120/240v switch on the power supply. toggle it a few times then set it on 120v.

there should be a green LED lit on the lower right if it’s getting power. Also the black drivers inside the control box should have a green/blue LED lit as well when they have power.

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Tried going back and forth. No dice. No lights at all.

there’s a fuse right above where you plug the power cord into the control box. its behind a lil door.
check that. If it’s good then trace the wires coming out of the back of the power plug that go into the power supply. if they are all connected then it’s possible you have a bad power supply.

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also the power button should light up when it’s on. If that’s lit but still no lit LEDS on the power supply or anything else then bad power supply.

I would guess bad power supply. No leds lit up and no sound coming from it.
Power button lights up.

Fuse was good also

New power supply and all is good.

How did you get a new power supply? You call them or email? I feel like I don’t get answered hardly. My X,Y,Z motors are not buzzing or even making a noise like they have power. I’m thinking I have a bad power supply as well as I’ve got power getting to the power supply but I asssume not out of it?

You can test that by taking the cover off the control box and using a multimeter across the + and - output of the power supply. It should be putting out 36vDC

Messaged them and got one rather quick. Was $15.00