Crossfire Pro lead screw couplers

These fix the slipping and stripping of the couplers. Made of Black oxide steel with 4 clamping screws on each.Ruland CLX-4-4-F One-Piece Clamping Rigid Coupling, Black Oxide Steel, 1/4" Bore A Diameter, 1/4" Bore B Diameter, 5/8" OD, 1" Length!
Rutland couplers CLX 4-4-F
Exact fit and lock on shaft great…

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Nice to know. I bought some a couple weeks back, but have not installed yet. No slippage after last tightening on stock couplers.

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Thanks for posting…I think I have been getting a bit of slippage.

There will be no slippage with these they’re made out of steel and they tighten down like a pair of vice grips

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Thanks for sharing your results. I was concerned after reading a negative post about the couplers in another thread shortly after I ordered mine.

Honestly, the included couplers might not be too bad except that the clearance between the bored hole in the couplers and the shafts is waaay more than it should be. I had the clamp the crap out of mine (to the point I thought it was going to strip the threads soon) before they just started to actually contact on the shafts. This was on every shaft on the machine.
The bore of the couplers is really not right IMO. Sad because a simple reaming operation should bore the couplers to less than a half thou tolerance - as long as the reamer used isn’t crap too anyway. Strange this hasn’t been fixed long ago. It’s a $25 fix at the factory.
Aluminum is actually a good material for a coupler, depending on other factors I suppose. It tends to have significantly more stiction than steel and should work just fine for a little stepper motor if they fit right to begin with.

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These fix the problem. They are steel and have a back relief that increases the clamp down.

Langmuir sent me a replacement last week although I didn’t use it. It had a relief cut into the backside to help.

An 8-32 screw doesn’t have the thread pitch to hold in aluminum very well.

One turn to much and it’s junk.

All in all my table is working perfectly.

With all you guys help and cutting data all my jobs have been awesome.


I am just recently having issues with the X and Z axis couplers. Just wanting to ask if you are still good with the replacement couplers you purchased? as I am planning on ordering some now!

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They are the fix. Not another problem for a long time.

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how many are needed 4?

4, if you are going to do the THC. I didn’t… It really dosen’t have any real load on it. Its your call.
Measure your lead screw ends. Mine were 6.35 mm 1/4 . There are reports that some guys have larger machined ends.


thanks BigDaddy2166

I found the ones you can buy from McMaster work incredibly well! Little more pricey, but definitely more beefy than the OEMs