Crossfire Pro in europe

I’m about to pull the trigger on a Crossfire pro, the only thing that is stopping me is that I live in France, I can live with the shipping cost but I’m wondering if this is going to be a hassle going forward in terms of spare parts/maintainence etc

Does anyone have a crossfire and is in europe? How is it working out?

Bonjour mon ami…from Canada…

The only possible problem I see with setting a Crossfire up in Europe is the power…
Europe runs on 220v…not a big issue…but the 50Hz…compared to the design of North American 60 Hz.

You will need to invest in a Frequency Converter for the table most likely…I would check with the guys at Langmuir Systems to get thier input.

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I’ll wager the PS is universal, 50/60 hz


Update on my situation;

Crossfire Pro assembled and working

2 things to note for those outside the US;

There is no reminder in the assembly instructions to switch your power supply from 110 to 220, do it first in case you forget! Perhaps @langmuirsystems should do this before shipping.

Import duty for me was 900 euros, bear that in mind.

Machine is working fine so far, two days from opening a box to cutting. Lots to learn!

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900 Ueros
$1,046.38 USD

almost 1/2 the price of the whole basic Pro unit…

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Any more updates on your Crossfire Pro? Any issues, regarding power? Is it just a case of flicking a switch on the power supply unit for 220v AC?

I am thinking of importing one into the UK. I reckon it will cost me around £500 for the shipping and around another £800 in import duty and VAT at 20%.

At present they are talking about a delivery time in January 2021.

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I have no problems with it, just flick the switch (first!).

Import duty was 900 euros for me in France and the shipping was pricey too but you’ll know that in advance.

I do have a power issue with my hyperthem 45xp as it can’t draw enough power from my workshop supply so I can only run it at 30 amps max so make sure you have enough supply for your torch and a large enough compressor with as dry air as you can get is my suggestion.

Thanks for the reply. I have a 45 amp supply in my workshop and a decent sized compressor, so hopefully it should all be fine.

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Hey Jamesh. Considering importing one of these. Do you have to deal with the imperial measurment system or these maschines or the FireControl Software? Sure I design parts in metric in my CAD software, but do I need to think in imperial at any later point?

Firecontrol is metric too so no problems

Thanks Jamesh good to know. In this case that thing looks fully suitable for the European market. Looking to import one of these to Austria. Did you order it with the Plasmater Cutter or did you find a suitable alternative available in the EU? My thinking is that ordering without the plasma cutter will reduce import taxes.

By a Hypertherm cutter in europe, just get the table from Langmuir. (Actually their new table looks great too)

I have a Hypertherm 45XP with machine torch, get the one with CPC port. It’s going to cost you as much as the table but they are the industry pros

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Thanks for the Tip Jamesh. I did some research and your suggestion seems like the best option. I ordered a 45XP with CPC Port and machine torch. Maybe I’ll get a second hand torch, for the occasionaly hand usage. This way the machien torch stays on the table and I just need to hook up a new torch.

I am torn between ordering the Pro and waiting for the XR, but the XR is a lot heavier so shipping might kill the great price. May I ask how shipping was handeled for your Pro table? Which company and approximate price range?

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I am not sure…but I do noth think the XR is available outside the USA right now…

you willalso like having the machine torch and hand torch separate … less chances of out of square torch…and less hassel

Shipping if I remember correctly was around 600 euros and the duty payable on the import was 900