Crossfire Pro For Sale Seattle, WA

The Divorce Special: Need to sell my complete Crossfire Pro setup. Includes, but is not limited too, Less than 2 year old Crossfire Pro w/ THC, drag chains, welded water table. Primeweld Cut60 w/ machine torch and lots of consumables. Harbor Freight refrigerated air dryer. Dewalt 60 gallon air compressor, Copper air drying run with ball valves. Motorguard Air Filter. You’d be welcome to take my airline if you want it also. It’s a blue pex type of airline, about a 100ft. Plus some random 16 gauge steel sheet. I need to get all out of the ex wives’ house before the end of the year. The whole thing is still setup and ready to cut, so you can try it before you buy it. The only things you need to add to start cutting right away are a safe space to set up the table, a laptop computer, two 240 volt outlets with at least 30 amp breakers for the compressor and plasma cutter, and one 110v outlet for the table. Not looking to break up the setup right now. I kinda need it all gone, ya know what I mean?

Forgot the price! $4250 for everything.

Sorry about the divorce (or not…depending on how your look a it)

Would you consider selling the HF air dryer separately if you get no bites otherwise?

Yes, I most definitely will sell it independently. How does $300 sound?

I could do that…I found what I assume is your craigslist ad and it looks like you’re near Maple Valley? I can’t get down there until Thursday probably (I’m up in Monroe)…but how much for the copper run and motorguard as well?


That is my ad! $75 for the motor guard and the copper run would suit me just fine. It’s about 30ft of copper pipe with 3 ball valves at the 3 lowest points. Thursday evening after 4:30 would work, but the weekend would be better.

Oh crap! I totally missed this message I can do the weekend too…I’ll shoot you a DM on here and exchange contact info if that works

No problem, man. Either Thursday evening or the weekend is fine. I got a guy who wants the table and the cutter, but the dryer, copper, and motor guard are your’s if you want them. $375 for everything, correct? By the way, my number is 423-863-4217 if you want to text me directly.