CROSSFIRE PRO for Sale - Like New - Minnesota - SOLD

CF Pro in excellent condition comes with laptop stand, auto height control and Razorweld 45 cutter with hand torch as well as 5 gallons of Plasma Green 9010 which keeps fumes down. As you can see it’s assembled so I prefer to have local pickup. It can be shipped at an additional cost. Delivery is also available up to 300 miles from Minneapolis at an additional cost.
The machine works great and has not been used more than a few hours in total. This is my home hobby shop and the whole setup didn’t get much use.
Asking $3200 for everything! I have Sheetcam and would be happy to transfer to buyer IF that’s allowed. Available for demonstration - Thank you!

Would you consider selling without the Razorweld plasma cutter?

Probably not at this point

MartyY Where are you located?

If interested in selling without the razerweld I may be interested. I have OG with xl with a xp45 hypertherm. I’m just across the river in Wi.

Everything sold (on a different platform) a while back. Sorry I didn’t update info here. Thank you!

I updated the topic title to show it’s been sold.