Crossfire Pro for sale in DFW

If you live in the DFW area and know someone interested in a crossfire pro table i am selling mine. Comes with THC. Used it for hobby work for 2 yrs Plasma cutter not included. $1500

Hey, I’m looking for a fun toy to play with in my old age. Dallas seems a long way from the land of Oz where I’m located in N.E. Kansas. I noticed the two rails that the gantry moves on looks like it has grooves in them from the bearings rolling over them. the rest should clean up ok. Do you have the slats for it or are they rusted out. Is that practice metal in the back ground. Trying to figure out how to cover the costs round trip. also I am disabled and I will need some help loading it in my car (truck). I forgot how to talk since I moved out of Texas 65 years ago. Let me know about those grooves ok. Jim

I haven’t heard back from you since I contacted you about your listing a couple weeks ago. If I agree to get your unit I would like to set up a time when I can visit with my sister in Gainsville and kill 2 birds with one stone. Give me a call, 816-719-4859. Jim