CrossFire Pro Drain Modification

I don’t want to leave the water in the pans between uses. I wanted to be able to drain the pans when I finished. First tine I did, I realized the drains are raised from the pan. Makes it hard to drain all the fluid. I did a search. Saw a video where a guy modified his. I had more questions that were not answered in the video. So, I made my own when I modified my water pan’s drains. The drain is now flat with the table and drains easily. Here is the link to my instructional video I made.
Thanks, Dudley.

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:+1: Great video - thanks for posting! And nice punch setup!

Great tool! You should rent it out to CFers!

First mod I did to my table :slight_smile: I used a dimple die to do it with a hammer to to apply the pressure. A few other folks have done something similar or had dies with threaded inserts. My first Crossfire did not have that mod and I always ended up with an eigth/qtr inch of water in the bottom. This time I wanted it flush so I don’t get standing water.

I was too cheap to go the power tool route - but my dimple die is available to anyone who can’t find one and is willing to pay shipping. :slight_smile: