Crossfire Pro Cutter Recommendation (Power limitations)

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I just ordered the Crossfire pro ~2 weeks ago, so I should be getting it sometime in May. I have some questions regarding a plasma cutter recommendation since I am concerned about available power in my residential area. My supply has 220v on 30amp breakers, then multiple separate 110v supplies on 20 amp and 30 amp breakers. I’m planning on running the compressor and table off of 120v switches. Then the plasma cutter will be stand alone on the 220v 30amp switch.

I originally passed on the razerweld45 thinking I was going to get the titanium plasma 45. I was going to deal with the shorter (12ft) lead on the titanium, but it seems like this forum prefers the primeweld cut60 which even has the longer (20ft) lead.

I was hoping to stay under $1200. I will probably cut some thinner stuff, but most of my cutting will likely be between 1/8" and 3/8". I think I’ve been getting too bogged down in looking at duty cycles on machines, and realize its probably better to ask the forum where I bet other people have had to deal with similar power limitations. Anybody have some recommendations?

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You really need a 240V (220V) 50 amp breaker. Residential power is not a concern. I had 2 empty slots on my house panel and added a 240V 50amp breaker and used 6/2 wire to an exterior weather proof box. Then I can run a monster 25ft extension cord for plasma or welders in my home shop or outside.

I have to be frank here. Why do people buy the HF Titanium Plasma 45? It’s over priced, under warrantied, poor repair options or non existent, replacement parts from HF don’t exist (not counting consumables). You should call HF customer service and ask, “Hey, if I need repairs or replacement parts for the plasma, can you all provide that?” answer would most likely be no.

I have a Hypertherm 30XP and added a Primeweld Cut60. For the price, you are not going to find a better plasma than the Cut60. Primeweld has top customer service if needed. Cut60 cuts very well. I regularly cut 1/4" and have not hit the duty cycle on the Cut60. I hit the duty cycle on the small Hypertherm often.

Primeweld Cut60 has a CNC port, easy to connect to Crossfire. You can actually get a human being at Primeweld 7 days a week who will help you. Cut60 has a cut settings chart in the manual that is very accurate. Harbor Freight plasma does not have a cut chart. 3 years warranty on Cut60, 90 days on Harbor Freight. Cut60 is $675 no tax no shipping charge, Harbor Freight is $850+tax.

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i also have the cut60 and can tell you it’s been great… can’t beat the warranty and service they offer. The cut60 is dual voltage so you can actual use it on 110 but only up to a certain amparage, then you’ll need to hook it up to 220 for higher with the adapter they provide.

I piggybacked off my kitchen oven breaker for my 220 in the garage for the cut60 and i haven’t had any issues. i don’t run both at the same time so that could be a way to go for you. I think it’s off a 40 or 50 amp breaker. i think the cut60 peak amps is 37 or something like that if i’m not mistaken.

A word of advice for everyone who has “modified” power for their electrical needs…if at any time you ever have a fire on a house and you call insurance in…make sure to remove these modifications…
Any insurance company will turn down fire or appliance claims the minute they see “scavenged” power from a panel.

heck even if your house is hit by lightning…no coverage due to modified power systems.

it has happened to a few people I know with back-yard shops…

Thanks for the replies.

I think I’ve come to a decision. I’ll be going with the Cut60 to start. I have a feeling, like ive seen in other threads, that the cut60 will provide better performance and quality than the HF45.

For now ill work off the 30amp breaker, see if I end up popping it. If I pop the breaker I will put larger gauge wire in between the breaker box and garage 220v plug (under 10ft just have to rip out some drywall) then upgrade to a 50amp breaker.

Ill try to update either way since I have a feeling Im not the only one wondering if their power can supply this stuff.

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You won’t regret it!:grin:

You could probably figure out a way to reheat your pizza with the plasma cutter. Won’t take as long and will get it nice and crispy.

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