Crossfire Pro crooked holes

I started assembling my crossfire pro and I believe I discovered a manufacturing defect, The holes on the lower left rail that the stanchion plates attach to are not drilled straight which is throwing everything else off. The holes on the right lower rail are drilled perfectly.

These holes?

Yes those are the holes, I posted a picture of the problem but it didn’t originally upload but it is there now.

I see the picture now.
Are all the holes on that one side 3/8 of an inch low or whatever that is?

The holes are definitely lower on one side and they are like that on both ends of that rail. The right side rail is straight.

Seems off.

they will take of you, let them know.

I just hope that it won’t take a month or more to get a replacement part.

I would just grab my die grinder and open them up. You have the dimensions on the other side where they are correct. Crap situation, but easy fix IMO

Please reach out to our support team (if you haven’t already) and we’ll get you fixed up ASAP!

open the holes up and use washers.i did