Crossfire pro break in program. Problems?- SOLVED

Has anyone been having issues with downloading the break in program on a windows 7 cpu? All I get is a bunch of jibberish when I click on what downloads

If you’re opening the file in a file explorer window then it will appear to just be code. The file is meant to be opened in fire control.

Thank you. I have it figured out now. I’ve read conflicting info throughout forum. Is mach 3 necessary or not?

Mach 3 cannot be used on the Pro. It’s for controlling the Crossfire original (or XL). FireControl replaced Mach 3 in the Pro’s workflow.

Thank you. I will have to run the break in program tonight for firecontrol!

Does my cpu need to be connected to the pro controller to download and open the break in program. I don’t have internet connection in shop. Have downloaded break in program as zip file to cpu, but cant figure how to “open” in fire control.

You need to unzip it into a folder then import the tap file into fire control.

Fire control reads tap files

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