Crossfire Pro Assembly X Axis Lead Bearing issue (Solved)

I am assembling my Crossfire pro and am running into an issue with the X Axis Lead Screw Bearing Mount. It ssems the wholes in the tubing are too close together. Anyone know something I’m missing?

the bearing Mount and the motor mount look similar but have different spacing.

check part 4 of the install manual and review which pieces you have .

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Thanks. I will try again, but the motor mount fits on the opposite end and not on the end I’m trying to put the bearing mount on.

You are using the wrong mount. Regroup and find the correct one. You probably have the correct one mounted in the wrong place.
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Thanks for the input. I found two other mounts similar to thos one, but all holes match up. Also tried the motor mount, but it also matched up.

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How did you ever come out on this?

The X Axis motor mount was packaged with one of the Y Axis motor mounts. I mistook the other Y Axis mount for the XAxis mount. The entire time, I thought the Lead Bearing wasn’t fitting correctly when the motor mount on the wrong end of a flipped X Axis beam, and the incorrect motor mount, making the holes on the motor mount equal to the lead bearing.
Once I went back and checked the two motor mounts that were packaged together, it was an easy fix.


Good to hear and thanks for letting us know what the fix was. I am going to mark this Solved