Crossfire Pro and XR project videos

Sometimes I set up the cameras when I’m doing an interesting project; I had a “project” thread going in the Crossfire pro forum, but I recently sold that table and switched to the Crossfire XR. From this point forward, this thread is where I will share all of the videos that relate to both tables.
I don’t create a video for everything I do, and I don’t create videos “just for content.” Instead, I occasionally set up the cameras when I’m doing something that others might find interesting. So…here ya go.

Shooting range distance signs:

Stainless steel fire hydrant tags:

Crossfire Pro table cleanup, anti corrosion mixture, and single piece water tray:

Custom winch bumper for one of my work trucks:

Lathe tooling rack:

Articulating roof mount for Starlink antenna:

Backlit aluminum sign for our driveway:

Aluminum roof rack for a sprinter van cut out as an American flag:

AR500 hanging steel target system:

Assembling the Crossfire XR table:

Crossfire XR articulating monitor mount:


Very cool stuff indeed! That XR Table is a thing of beauty. :beers: