Crossfire Pro and Powermax 45 Xp

Greetings from Augusta, GA. At the end of August I ordered a crossfire pro. It’s supposed to ship before the end of September.

I just ordered a Hypertherm powermax 45 XP with the machine torch.
I have a Hypertherm 30 XP. I was going to cut it open but ultimately decided against it.

Then I was going to get a Prime Weld Cut 60 but then read on the forums about people having issues.

Then I decided to order an Everlast 82i. Then I read that people have issues with the CNC port.
The whole purpose of buying one is to be able to plug it in.

So I finally said screw it it and just ordered the Power Max 45 xp. Let me know if you have any tips!

Welcome to the forums

Which model number of the Powermax 45 did you order?

45xp sales brochure

45xp cnc

   088123. The one with the hand torch and machine torch.
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Watching this! Just ordered 088123 also.

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Very cool dude. Do you already have your table?

Hello from rural KY! I preordered the XR a couple weeks ago. Supposed to ship in November. Extremely excited and been researching all aspects everyday. Just can’t wait to get my hands on it and make that first cut. I heard you have a beautiful golf course there in Augusta :wink:

Where you at in ky?

New Castle