Crossfire pro accuracy vs the competition

Hey guys - how are you finding the accuracy of your crossfire pro? The gantry system / lead screws are no doubt not as stout as some of the competition - of course the competition is more expensive so perhaps you are getting what you pay for?

I have seen some examples of work from the crossfire pro with a heavy bevel on the cuts, and some holes that aren’t round etc.

Is this a characteristic of this machine, or was it more likely user error / bad setup?

I will happily pay more for a product like the SVT 4x4 if the accuracy is worlds ahead of the crossfire, but if the crossfire is totally sufficient in this department then im onboard.

for my purpose I need quality cuts. Can the crossfire do it reliably?


I think these machines are pretty accurate. Bevel is the cutter not the table. Holes are mostly user error unless theyre small, thats just a plasma characteristic. Holes can be done pretty small and fairly accurate by messing with settings, speed, and rules

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As @dj_elite says with plasma given a functioning machine it comes down to the plasma cutter and consumables for almost all cut quality issues.

Here is a hole quality test I did. Note the taper I measured is within the same range Jim Colt (former Hypertherm employee) has published as achievable using Hypertherm plasmas on CNC machines, which is around 2.5 degrees.

Here’s a backlash test I did, less than 0.001" which is more than good enough for plasma.


One more thing:

This means different things to different people. I suggest you find someone close to you that has a table and is willing to cut a test piece for you. Ideally using the same plasma cutter you will use. Even if not a Langmuir table. Regardless of which CNC table used, plasma may not meet your requirements.

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