Crossfire mach3 fusion 360 post download

mach3 no longer recognizes input from fusion after establishing cam…i went to download the crossfire post download ( under mach3 in downloads) like i did in 2018 and it wont let me…i get an app error saying cant open file…i dont think its a regular file if i remember…i was in on first 50 if that makes a differance…other than this, has been fine…help would be appreciated ! I have donea complete computer search for this file and cant find it…i know i need it…i think…lol

First line in the Hichhiker’s Guide to the Universe: “Don’t Panic!”

I suspect you downloaded the link, not the actual file you need. Happens all the time.
The process is:

  • CrossFire Mach3 Profile (v1.1)
  • Right-click, ‘Save Link As’
  • Move into Mach3 folder (Usually C:/Mach3)
    The second line is critical. Save Link as, don’t download the link - it stinks. Save As to save your a$$…

Tom’s got it for you above…

I think following this video will help a bit too… Feel free to pause the vid as you follow along…


I’m having same problem with the crossfire fusion 360 post download. My computer won’t let me download the file, or “save as” to Mach 3. Any help?