Crossfire gen2 IHS issue

Just received and build my Gen2 crossfire xl table. Running FireControl 20.4 with 1.6 post With fusion360. Ran through all the normal functions including torch firing and the break in programs. Once I upload and start a cut I get a IHS fail alert and will not cut. This machine doesn’t have a IHS sensor or system so I’m at a loss. Any help would be great.

FC 20.4 has toggle button for IHS on the left side control panel.

You need to set the cut height and pierce height to 0 in fusion360 to disable ihs.

Firecontrol does not work with the original CrossFire. It only works with the CrossFire Pro machine. You will have to download Mach 3 and set it up with the correct post processor.

the newer crossfires come with the pro control box but doesn’t come with the motorized Z axis.

Okay my bad. I didn’t know that.

yeah it wasn’t really announced but they are calling it the Gen2 crossfire.

When you post process in Fusion360 you need to toggle off IHS and THC. More info here:

When you post process in SheetCAM you need to set the pierce height and the cut height to zero. That will prevent IHS and THC from activating. More info here:

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What would plunge height be set at if system has no z axis? And what is plunge height anyway lol?

My bad, I meant plunge rate that is listed in sheet cam link posted above.

that should be 0 or turned off. I believe it’s how fast it travels down from the pierce height to cut height.

Okay I’ll try that! Thanks!

If you just received your table, when did you order it??

August 14th, they were on 6-8 week back order with the XL add on

Thanks for everyone’s help! Went back through the tool settings and turned all heights controls off or to 0. And did the same in the post!

K, ordered my xl combo on 9/12, I guess I will be waiting a bit longer. I thought it said 5-6 weeks at that time but could be wrong. Hope you have good luck with yours!