Crossfire Fusion 360 Post for Mach3 .cps File Problems

I recently was forced to reinstall windows on my PC and in the process lost all of apps, files, etc.

I am now in the process of setting everything up again to use my crossfire mach3 machine. Following the tutorial videos via Langmuir’s Youtube channel, I cannot get the “Crossfire Fusion 360 Post for Mach3” download link on their download page to work. I am assuming that I still need this file to post process in fusion 360 for Mach3, no?

Do I need someone to email the file to me perhaps? Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

Tom’s got this one in the past…

Here you go!! Crossfire mach3 fusion 360 post download - #2 by TomWS

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So there’s a little bit of confusion here. That is the Mach3 Profile XML file, I had no issue downloading this document.

It was the .cps fusion 360 post processing file for Mach3 that I could not download via Langmuir’s download page. What I ended up doing was finding the Mach3 plasma post file in the post library for ‘Autodesk Fusion 360’ here Post Library for Autodesk Fusion 360 | Autodesk Fusion 360

Downloaded the Mach3 Plasma.cps file there, navigated it into the proper folder destination for fusion 360 and I was then able to post my code.

Thank you very much!
I hope this can be of use to someone else with an ancient crossfire machine!

Ooops… Yes. A right click on that link on the downloads page and a “save as” would have done it…

Sorry for the confusion… Glad it’s working out for you!!

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Even right clicking and “saving as” wasn’t working for me on the downloads page… maybe my pc is actually the one at fault here! Either way, I am glad it’s working now as well. Thank you!