Crossfire control box

I upgraded my table with the THC and needed to upgrade the control box at the same time.

Is there anyone who would like the old box - it’s the one that does not support THC? I live in Victoria, Canada. If you want to pay shipping I can put it in the mail.


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Yes. How much ?

Free! Except for postage…

Can you tell me to atwater ca 95340

Hi stephen
is this the box that comes with the current Crossfire and runs 2-axis Firecontrol ?
Dinsa (Bedford, NY)

I don’t think so. I got it in 2019 and it runs Mach 3.


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Hi Stephen
My Crossfire is about the same vintage. My control box has an issue with torch firing. Is yours fully functional? Please could you estimate shipping to NY10506
Thx much

I‘ll try to do that this week. I’m just away from home right and need to measure the size of the box to get a quote.

Do you still have the control box? If so I’m in Michigan

Hi there, I do, but I am just measuring it up to see how much it will cost to send in the mail to another person.

It’s in my basement, but I’ve been avoiding climbing down there on a count of a broken knee, which hasn’t completely healed yet.

If you could find out to mail it to Romulus, Michigan 48174

Finally got around to the measuring and weighing. FedEx is $52.64 CAD. UPS is the same but they are easier to ship with from here.

Would you still like it?

Is it $52.?? To me in Michigan?

How can I get the money to you?

If you need more time to heal I can wait, it’s up to you

yes please - I’ve replied several times but this form doesnt take answers. I’ll send cash any way youd like if youre in Vancouver or Toronto I can have the box picked up. Dinsa

I believe that you are in Vancouver - pls correct me if this isn’t so
I have a nephew who lives at 685 Pacific Blvd, close to Downtown
Could he come and pick up the box from you this weekend
That would make things simple for both of us
Please could you email me:
Hope ypur’e up and running
Thank You

Yes please - I’ve replied several times but the forum hasn’t picked up. Please call 914 262 9280 - I’m fine with shipping costs or can have it picked up (vancouver or Toronto) Thx v m