Crossfire control board

Can anyone tell me where I can purchase an original CF control board? Either the red or Black one. I purchase the CF with the intended purpose of modding and upgrading myself but when I received it , it came with the CF pro (white) control board. I can find no documentation on it and not even sure where to start.

Sounds like you wanted the Mach 3 compatible original crossfire.

They aren’t making them like that anymore, all the new ones come ready for firecontrol. You could try to find a used machine or email them and ask if they have anything kicking around.

Here you go:

The board original CF used was a remake of the Mach3 USB controller board. You can buy these on the open market, as @Cletus points out one on eBay, but for faster delivery, Amazon has a number of choices.

While they all say Mach3 USB controller, the pin outs on the various boards are not identical.

The main problem is the hook up, if you’re replacing an original, but, in your case, since you need to wire in, I’d recommend one with Terminal blocks, rather than connector.
Here is one I’ve used (for a CNC Router)
This one more closely matches the original:

I PMed him to see if he wanted to swap control boxes with me from my original batch 2 machine :slightly_smiling_face:

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Sounds like a Win-Win to me! @TerryB would get a system that he can just plug in!
Not sure TerryB has PM privileges yet, though.

Hadn’t thought of that. I don’t recall how long you have to be on before you get allowed to PM.

But he’s welcome to my first gen original control box in trade for his new box. You’re right, it should be plug & play for him.