Crooked Y2... from shelf addition

I can only assume this happened when I added my lower shelf. I did some straightening of the legs at the time but don’t remember cranking anything too hard. Y2 rail is not 90 degrees to the x rails. I loosened some bolts and the bearing block set screws and hit it with a rubber mallet so it’s not as bad as it looks in this photo anymore, but still probably not good.

What does the brain trust think? Disassemble everything and rebuild? Run it like this?

Forgot to add, measurements are dead on 58 11/16 from sides front and back. Reason I think it could be run like this is perhaps the bearing blocks would compensate for the slight angle in the rail.


I would think the table will still function properly as long as the X rail is parallel to the bed. If it is, i would just run it how it is

Nothing to be worried about- square tubes are never perfectly square. As long as your machine runs back and forth smooth you are good to go.

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