Creating Post for Solidworks CAM

Hello, I’m working on making a post for solidworks CAM / CamWorks that works FireControl since there are none currently avalible. I can’t find any FireControl documentation with information on G-code or M-code specifications and syntax supported by FireControl. Where could I find such documentation?


Here you go.
G-Code Command Sheet.pdf (101.1 KB)


Here you go.

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Oops… took me so long to find my previous post you had already responded… sorry.


Question about the $140 Mach 3 CNC Control software from Sheetcam (that dosen’t include sheetcam itself). Would that work with Solidworks CAM, in other words would it go from Solidworks CAM → Sheetcam CNC Controll softwware (Mach 3) → FireControl, or would Mach3 eliminate any of those steps?

Or where would Mach 3 fit into that process?

@lapearce Welcome to the Forum are you running an OG crossfire?

Its a Crossfire Pro, 2021I think.

Mach 3 is not going to do you any good with your THC.

FireControl is your Interface for the PRO


Okay thanks, I was confused about what Mach 3 was meant to do.

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Mach3 and Firecontrol are the User Interfaces with the Machine.

While making a post processor for Soildworks would be awesome your other options are;

Export a DXF or SVG from Soildworks and process the CAM in SheetCAM or Fusion360.


My favorite choice, Do everything in Fusion360 CAD and CAM


I came here looking to see peoples success with Solidworks and langmuir equipment because I have loaded up a cart and almost purchased about 3 times now, and really wanting to do it but I dont like Fusion 360…

I own 2 seats of solidworks I am a mechanical designer and software developer… If anybody knows what the post processor should look like, I’ve written some simple SW plugins in the past and feel fairly confident that I could make one for SW sheet metal/dxf exports…

On that note… does anybody have a workflow that they use for SW to final cuts/milling?

I saw TinWhisperers posts, but was hoping there are some more success stories?

Here you go


@lapearce Have you make any progress on this?
I am highly interested in this as well. Could I help in any way. Maybe we tag team it?