Creating a tool in library

Hello all. Was having trouble creating a tool yesterday, slept on it and tried again this AM. It is going pretty well with aid of previous posts. My question is, am I to use the shielded or unshielded parameters? I’d think shielded, is that correct?


Hypertherm recommends using shielded consumables whenever possible.

You will need a different tool in your library for shielded on non shielded because they have different kerf widths as showed in your charts above.

Myself I only create tools for set ups I will actually run with consumables I have.

What specifically are you cutting?

Do you have a reason to run a unshielded nozzle?

Here a few more clips below out of the manual.

I’m using the 180 machine torch and I set my nozzle clearance diameter for 1.4. I noticed that you have your settings to 1

I’m not sure if this is right or wrong but unlike the hand torch when your clamping to theone inch diameter section, the machine torches being clamped on its wider section at 1.4 in


I thought it was the shielded option but it never hurts to make sure. I’ll be mostly cutting mild steel, on occasion aluminum. I did set the tip to 1 in using Duramax 180° torch so I will change that to 1.4, I thought it was the very bottom they were talking about.

Thank you for the pages of the manual I’m going to have to download that and print it.

Thank you sir!

I think they do count that one inch at the bottom. it’s for the tool path to help it avoid collisions with the torch head. If you have stanchion risers. 1.4 in could be down in the potential tip(in this case I’m using the word tip to describe a cutout piece that flips up) collision area. You’re probably safe with one inch I use 1.4, gives me a just a little bit more clearance on my tool paths for collision.
You’re very welcome best of luck.