Creating a series of holes in a body and getting Error "Nothing to cut" (Solved)

Ok I have never used the hole command in fusion. I have always used the circle command, and when it gets extruded there is a hole.
I want to add a hole chart to my drawing and from I can tell, you can not make a hole chart when you have made holes with the extrude command.
So now I am trying to make holes with the Hole command. So I go in and pick placement, type etc. and for some reason the the OK button is greyed out. Does anyone know of any good videos on doing this, I cant seem to find any.

And I am stuck! :rofl:

Simple equation from a neophyte Fusion user:

Are you creating a 3D model with lots of features? Yes? Use a Hole.

Are you creating a 2d sketch that you’ll cut on a Plasma cutter? Yes? Use a circle.

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I am 30 holes over 60"

This guy looks a lot like Ernest from “Ernest Saves Christmas,” but this seems to be a pretty good explanation of use of the hole function with bodies.

This video is more recent (9 months) and is a faster presentation but seems to cover the same things…really fast!

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Uh huh. And are you exporting a 3D model of that? Or is this simply a grid of circles that you’ll export in a 2D sketch (DXF or SVG)?

If the latter the ‘hole’ tool won’t help you one bit.

EDIT: Unless you first project your grid of holes on to a new sketch.

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Tom this Is Knick your talking to not Tin! I will have to watch the videos and maybe than I can anwser your question.

I was thinking this but not sure what you mean by this

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I am kind of with Tom on this one: you can use the Create “Rectangular Pattern” in the sketch mode if they are in a consistent size and pattern.

Then when you extrude, the holes are already there.

Tom, I think he is doing another University of Michigan thing!!!

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ok but can you create a hole chart when you do it that way?

By hole chart, you mean every hole is a different size hole? No

I am guessing you are making a rack for drill bits???

Well I cant find it now, but in Fusion there is a way to insert what they call a hole chart

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Thats why I could not find it you have to be in drawings


I was just going to ask you if this is what you were looking for. I guess you found it!

So it had absolutely nothing to do with University of Michigan! :rofl:

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Ok so I watched the Video and I can do a single hole fine, its when I try to do a series on sketch points.
I cant seem to select the face.
I will have to play with this some more tomorrow
Thanks everyone

Yes. I saw in the first video that you would need to set a series of points in the sketch prior to making the body and then it allows you to set the point as the location for a hole. I will try that and see if it works.

Yes. That works. To make it easier, extrude down from your sketch. Once the body is created that sketch is turned off. Turn it back on and the points glow brightly. Then the hole function will allow you to select the points.

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Ok after watching the video Jim posted I finally see where the problem was.

I was trying to cut holes from points on the sketch and keep getting the error there was nothing to cut.
So my sketch points were on the bottom of my Bodies and it was trying to cut down. In the video he has the same problem so he flips it so it cut up and this fixed it. So I am now closer to what I want.

Thanks Jim and everyone else!