Creating a center point to have a pilot hole

So my question is. Trying to cut just a tiny hole. Let’s say .07. And it won’t simulate the hole. Any suggestions

Why so small? Just wondering. It’s so small you probably don’t see the movement. You can only slow down the simulation so much.

I need accurate holes so I need a pilot hole so I can use my rotobroch so I need to crate basically a point that gets cut. And I’ve slowed it and gone fame by frame on it and no luck… my friend uses different software but he gets his to .06 for the program to recognize it to do the cut.

I would assume you may have to create another tool to select for the holes. I am not sure exactly what but clearances for kerf and peirce ect ect must be near zero. Effectively you want go to a location fire the torch for a specific delay and then turn of the torch then move again but I am just thinking out loud.

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I think your lead in angle would have to be 90 degrees to start out in the center of the hole…if its less it will get to close to the perimeter of the circle and your kerf width settings will keep it from putting a tool path to it.Your lead in distance will be a factor as well I would think.

There’s no chance you can cut a .07 hole with any plasma cutter setup. Only way you’re gonna cut a hole that size accurately is by laser.

The average plasma kerf is 0.055”. It’s difficult enough to cut a hole 1/8” which is about as small as you can probably even get CAM to let you cut with no lead in or lead outs.

Are you using a mag drill or mill? You can get away with a 3/16” hole and still have a roto broach pilot pin stay on target.

Why don’t you just cut the entire hole from the start with the plasma?

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Just as Richard said. Want it to just go to a location. Fire. Then off. That’s it


For me, the best way to get a “pilot” hole is as follows. In fusion, I make the pilot holes I want cut a diameter of 1/4" or .250". I create a tool path for those holes with tool only for those holes. The tool has a kerf of .249". When creating the path I set it to no lead in, no lead out and no pierce clearance. When the machine cuts the hole it is effectively a hole with .001 diameter plus the actual diameter of your plasma, so something between .050" and .065". The kerf size of the tool doesn’t really matter as long as it is .001 smaller the hole drawn.

I use these holes as witnesses marks when making parts so I don’t screw anything up.

Another way to locate holes would be to cut the outside profile then print scale drawing of the part and use a see thru center punch to locate the holes.


If you just want to turn the torch on then off write the code yourself in notepad.
N10 G90
N20 G70
N30 G0 x1.5y1.5
N40 M3
N50 G4 p0.5
N60 M5
N70 M30

The g0 x1.5 y1.5 is the distance you want to move the torch in rapid travel X & Y, M3 fires torch M5 shuts is off and G4 p0.5 is the dwell ( time the torch stays on ) M30 or m2 for end of file.
Or just copy the code I just wrote and edit the X & Y distances.