Created on the wrong plane

Hi guys accidently I created a drawing in Fusion 360 on the x z plane. I have a lot of time invested can I move it to the x y ?

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I don’t know if you’d actually have to.

If you link your f3d file I can walk you through it.

But once you do your setup for manufacturing it’s going to disregard where it was in the design environment and use the new workplace coordinate system so you set up.

TW, I know my question was a little different, but maybe the video you made for me (in attached thread) might help @skidmarksgarage

Sketch Plane Re-Assignment? - Software / Fusion 360 - CAD - Langmuir Systems Forum

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I think that video might have already dissolved into The ether after 7 days. If the op is interested I can post it to you too I still have a copy of my hard drive.

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