Crazy thought to cut two sheets at one time

I was wondering if anyone has ever cut two sheets of metal at one time - like two 16 gauge sheets. My thought to do this is two reasons. I have some small flower shaped shaped parts that i need many of - and also these parts are harder to clean due to size. and I was wondering if using a sacrificial scrap backing may limit dross - the same way as using a sacrificial backing when cutting veneered plywood can eliminate tare-out. The second reason to stack - is just to do more cutting in one shot. Consistency in size, shape etc is not crucial.

Interesting idea, I wonder of the small parts would be welded together.

You try it first

other forums seem to suggest there is no problem with fusing. I guess it depends how small and how you are setup.

I have never done it with a CNC, but have done it lots of times by hand. The thing is to make sure they are flat and clamped tight together.

Would this eliminate dross on the top sheet?