CPC Cable hook up

I have the Crossfire and am going to run a Hypertherm 45XP. I purchased the CPC cable from Langmuire. Do i need to connect through the DVI box or do i plug right into the control?

You will need to still connect into the VIM voltage input module.

DV input DV output on the vim

The short cable goes to the DIV input on the VIM(small black plastic box). You will need another cable from the DIV output to the THC port on the electronics enclosure on the table.

The long cable goes to the torch on/off port on the electronics enclosure.


Do you need to connect to the DIV input at all if you are not running THC? I just assumed that the torch on/off cable would plug straight into the control box…

Does the Crossfire ship with a voltage input module if you are not purchasing THC?

Also - without corrupting this thread, do you need to run a machine torch if you are not using THC? Would prefer not to have to purchase another accessory if possible (note, I am just running the 45XP and standard Crossfire table).

You need to run a machine torch to use the CPC cable. You could rewire your hand torch, but that kind of defeats the purpose of getting the CPC cable.

If you don’t have a THC, you won’t have a VIM box to plug anything into.

The torch on/off plug always goes into the electronics enclosure that is attached to the table leg.