Covering table for dust

I just ordered my table for july delivery. I work outside between 2 containers with a roof over me. I am adding a place for the table off the back but it will have dirt floors. 3 walls and roof. The plan is to cover table and bring computer in house when not in use. I know its not ideal but its all i got. Does anyone have similar set up and any foreseeable problems

I am New to CNC, but what I would do is place the feet on pavers and place 57 stone under and around the table to act as a dust trap to avoid constantly kicking dust

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Good idea. Thank you

You would probably want to figure out a way to either bring the control box in or put into a more weather proof enclosure… What part of the world are you in?

Southern Arizona. I wish i could build something better but with the cost of things this is where im at until the table starts making money

I was curious because if you were up in the NE with me that wouldn’t work at all. You’ll probably be fine down in AZ.

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