Coupling slippage. (Solved)

Anybody come up with a different type of coupling? I get a lot of slipping and i dont want to over tighten the small ass allen wrench bolts and bust em off…

These will fix your problem. Ensure your lead screw shaft size. These are whats on mine. They will never slip again.


I second these couplings. I put them on during assembly and have never had an issue. The price is a bit painful, but better than fighting loose couplings.


I also have those couplers ordered on @Bigdaddy2166 suggestion. They work great!

They use to be $18 dollars. Inflation I guess? Still cheaper than a sheet of 11ga.

I also bought a set work great sitting on the bench.:rofl::rofl::rofl:. Was checking the original then it busted in the middle of the night so I made one to get me through the job.

Ordered these waiting on a maintenance day.

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Thanks everyone. I guess ill just have to bite the bullet and buy some of these.

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Measurement required of shaft end of lead screw and motor shaft. Mine were .250" shaft and lead screw(6.35mm). I’m aware of several lead screws that are larger on the machine ends. Just check before dropping $120 bucks.

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@Bigdaddy2166 i wish i had bought them at that price…my couplers dont slip yet so i dont have to have them…knock on wood!

I went to the hardware store and got replacement allen screws and tightened the crap out of them and they’ve held. I don’t jog my table at 300 only 200 and down. Jogging at 300 is when I noticed it slipping.


Unless I’m missing something, the $45.93 w/ free shipping per coupling you’ve linked can be found on Amazon for a lot cheaper.

Searching Amazon for " Ruland CLX-4-4-F" will find the exact same coupling for $13.19 + shipping each.

I just ordered four couplings for $65.95 total ($52.76 + 9.75 shipping + 3.44 tax). -Steve


Glad you got a deal. They are made of steel instead of aluminum. Tighten them down and your problem is gone.

Ah, that 'splains it!

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Yep, that does.

Guess the part I missed was that an aluminum coupling was preferred. LOL

With the stock Langmuir couplings being steel and the suggested link taking me to a steel coupling, I thought I was good to go.

Interesting that Ruland’s site offers the steel version at $45.93 ea, while the aluminum is only slightly higher at $46.54. I would have expected a larger difference.

All aside, I appreciate the information and guidance! -Steve

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I just welded mine together. When am
I taking it apart?