COUPLERS! Motor couplers need fixing [SOLVED]

My crossfire pro was plagued with couplers that did not tighten. The small machine screws would strip out the aluminium couplers. I made sure there was no grease or debris on either the lead screw or the motor shaft, but they would not hold tight.

  • I have read about people using fixes like grinding a small flat spot on the motor shaft and the lead screws. (like drill bits) I haven’t done this, but I thought I would share what someone else did.

-I fixed most of mine by just drilling out the couplers and using bigger screws; however, my Z-axis, which, as you all know, comes pre-assembled, had the same issue of the coupler not being tight enough to hold onto anything. I knew I should tighten up the screws, but I knew they would strip out. Sure enough, the first little turn made the screws strip out. The couplers are too beefy for those small threads to hold onto.

-If anyone knows where I can find a couple that works well with Z-axis, that would be great!

I had a coupler machined wrong. The hole fir the lead screw was not aligned with the stepper motor. I ordered a spyder flex coupler from ebay and never looked back.

Just a thought for you

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Langmuir sent out a new coupler, this one tightened up and I have had no problems. Another reason why I love this company so much is that they are very quick to help their customers. I will post here if I have any further issues.

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