Could I transfer a drawing into sheetcam

Is there a way to scan a part drawn on paper into the PC and then into a program like Inkscape or Sheetcam? TIA

I think most scanners will produce a PDF, TIFF, and/or JPG, all of which can be imported into Inkscape. Then, after you convert it to ‘Path’ and save as SVG, you can import it into SheetCam.

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Thank you very much

Doesn’t it have to be a dxf file to go in sheet cam?

could be svg or dxf.

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It can also be an HPGL, G-Code, Excellon, or DSTV (a G-Code variant), although I haven’t personally tried any of these.

SVG is recommended, especially if being produced by Inkscape because SVG is the native output from Inkscape and there are too many variants of DXF to be trustworthy. Inkscape offers at least two different versions.

i use dxf coming from inkscape. haven’t had any issues. everyone has their own preference.

You won’t be able to scan a drawing of a logo and then bring it into sheet cam and tool path it. You will have to open the scanned image in Inkscape, bitmap trace it, or trace it by hand, then save as a dxf.

Send me a message if you need help with it.