Coreldraw to sheetcam issues

Hello all. So, I’ve been using CorelDRAW for a while now to do my design work and its worked great! I’ve loaded drawings from CorelDRAW into SheetCam numerus times and without fail it works just fine. But for some reason on this drawing, it will not load the full drawing into SheetCam, just the outline with maybe two cuts within appears. any help would be appreciated! see images below for an example.

dxf or svg? post your exported file.

Is there a chance that your lines are close enough that the kerf width would overlap?
SheetCAM may have decided it cannot make a decision what to keep.

Is it an issue with layers? Perhaps you only copied one of several layers to send to the SheetCAM. You could flatten the image in Coreldraw before you save. This would assure that you are only dealing with one layer.

The lines not showing up are open vectors. Do you have those disabled in SheetCam?

FISH.dxf (206.8 KB)

It is a DXF file then I upload it to SheetCam and then convert it to a G-code for my machine to read.

they shouldn’t be to close. I keep all my lines a minimum of .15’’ apart and I’ve never had an issue with the kerf before. if you would, take a look at my file I uploaded in another reply. It is exactly how I sent it to SheetCam. Never had to mess with nor do I know how to layer in Coreldraw. I do know how to layer in Sheetcam and there is only one when I import into it.

I’m not sure. still new to SheetCam in a way and it’s very possible. Could you point me in the right direction to enable them?

No, that’s not the problem. I’ve opened with a number of different program and those lines don’t exist with any of them. I don’t think they were exported when you made the DXF, but I’ll let others, more familiar with DXF look at it.

Same as what Tom said: No lines in the dxf file. Try “flattening” the image before converting to dxf file. Flattening is the term used in PaintShop Pro: Not sure of Corel Draw. It just merges all layers.

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i am not familiar with coral draw is it possible you can or need to convert those lines to a path? I use a program called silhouette for artsy stuff. I have to convert to a path to get sheetcam to recognize anything.
I have taken those files open them in q cad and re-save then they will work in sheetcam. It will be late tonight before I get home to try but will try to remember too.

use your sniptool and create new jpg of the fish and post it. One of us can try converting it and send you a good dxf. I can do it in few hours if no one else gets to it first.

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sword fish.dxf (312.9 KB)

I found the issue. thanks to the advice of @Phillipw I fumbled around and found out how to convert it to a path and it saved perfectly and loaded in SheetCam per usual. thank you everyone!


I will look at that first file later curious at this point. Now I think about it my q cad program never had a issue opening files like that. I most often open them up to add mounting holes or brackets. It seems like a lot of trouble but it works with little effort.
It took me a long time to figure out why sheetcam couldn’t see file that had not been converted.

That was it! Good job, both of you!
DXF inserted:

Manufactured with center compensation, no lead-in/lead-outs

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