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I have a question about copyright infringement if anyone has experience I like to get some advice.I recieved a threat of legal action from a competitor alleging I copied a design that they had.There design is cut by hand with no CNC design or cutting.My piece is completely CNC designed and cut by me alone and in my opinion is in not way a copy of theirs even though it is the same diameter and color.

Am I correct in thinking that a piece designed by CNC is my intellectual property due to the numerical codes in the design and can in no way be a copy of another design.

I’m in Canada if that makes any difference

Let me know you thoughts

Not sure about Canada. If this person has a patent on the part it shouldn’t matter how who made it. I would think.

Here is a good read:

Here is what they say:


Copyrights are perhaps the most relevant type of intellectual property protection for artists. They protect original works of authorship, like your paintings, sculptures, photographs, and written works. The moment you create something, you automatically hold the copyright to it. However, registering your copyright can provide additional benefits—like being able to sue for damages if someone infringes on your copyright.

My spin on it was when I was made aware that there are teams of enforcers/informers in every community. To them it is a game and you are the prize. If they can shut you down, they get bonus points.

If you are making money off of some image they created, they could potentially sue you. And your admission that it basically was the genesis of your idea, you would lose. Will they? Depends how much money you are making.


Don’t confuse patents with copyrights, totally different animal.

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Agree but still something to look at as well. Honestly my fingers got ahead of my mind.

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@TFB there are a few other Canadians here. They can give you the best advice. But my honest advice if this is something you want to produce I would consult a lawyer.

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@TFB Here is the copy of the Act that covers this, it is a bit of a dry read.

“Part 1 Copyright and Moral Rights in Work” gets into the meat of the issue

Is covered in " PART III Infringement of Copyright and Moral Rights and Exceptions to Infringement"


That is a bit of an understatement. I would have preferred something with more pictures. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@TFB This could be an avenue for you but could also start a small war:
29 Fair dealing for the purpose of research, private study, education, parody or satire does not infringe copyright.

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