Copy clipart to make a cutout?

is there software where you can take a picture, 2 dimensional and create a setup for it in fusion 360 without having to design something all the time?

all I want to do is grab a clipart of a horse head and then put it in fusion to change the dimensions and the cutter settings and then cut it out.

is there a way to do this?



I don’t this there is a program that will do it all for you that is reliable, I think you’ll have to learn how to do it in whatever software you choose. Fusion, inkscape, corel draw, Illustrator. Aside from fusion they are all kind of similar.

I have not done it but others are using “auto trace” in inkscape I believe.

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Yes there’s a good YouTube video out there “covert images to 3d models” I used this method with great success. Very easy.

Thanks!!! Watched the video and some other videos and its not as hard as I thought. I’ve made a couple of smaller test designs with some pretty good results. now it’s just a matter of dialing in the machine and settings.

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