Conversational Programming

First. I would love to get this machine. I have no experience with a cnc brake and I’m curious about the software and programming.

  1. What does ‘conversational programming’ mean?

I’m super interested in programming a sequence of bends that utilize various positions of the back gauge and would love to see how something like this is programmed. I’m curious how ‘smart’ the machine is.

  1. I use Fusion for my Crossfire Pro and Fusion has all kinds of sheetmetal and bending functions. I’m wondering how I would translate a fusion drawing to the Titan. I assume I would flatten my model, which shows bend lines, and just figure out how to translate that, based on material thickness and die, to the Titan. Relatively easy to do I think.

  2. Also, is the Titan ‘smart’ in the sense that it would know what bend to make first on your part? Is it ‘aware’ of the part as a whole or just a sequence of bends? Would it know if one of your bends in the sequence will hit the die?

  3. What is the best way to test your part either in Fusion or other software to create an outline for the sequence of bends and if any of those bends are going to hit the die?

  4. Is there a way to connect a computer to the Titan and program your part in some 3rd party software like Fusion and just send the bend sequence to the machine?

  5. I’ve never used Fusion’s kinetic functions and I’m wondering if it would be useful to build a model of the Titan with various dies in Fusion to see what it would do with various materials and thicknesses. Or is this a fool’s errand?

Conversational programming (CP) is a type of programming that uses prompts to simplify operator programming on CNC machines. CP was developed over 30 years ago as an evolution of part programming.
I don’t believe that Fusion is required. We shall see once they start pushing this thing out.


Was just reading up on CP in the FAQ on the product page.
Fusion isn’t required to run the machine but it would be nice to be able to use it. In my experience machines with touch screens are a lot more cumbersome than a real computer. It says it is capable of storing a thousand bend commands but scrolling through pages of commands to build a part on one of these touch screens, likely with no search function, could get tedious. That said, I typically use 3 material thicknesses all at 90 degree bends so I highly doubt it will ever get complicated to find and use the bend I want.


Conversational CNC Programming Software / Conversational CAM

Conversational programming is where common operations are shown and operator inputs distances and feedrates and the operational interface generates the g-code job file. This enables the operator to work solely with the tool only and not have to use a computer for anyting.